Vendor Signup

We would love to have you participate in the greatest Dessert event of the year May 24th, 2020

The event will be 4 hours of all out Dessert fun like no other. 

Please read to the end before applying

The vendor fee is $215.

If selected to take part, you have 48hrs to pay the vendor fee once it is sent or your space will be made available to others as I am not holding spots.

Vendors Fees are Non-Refundable after 7 days

This is an opportunity to show what you have to offer in the world of Desserts. This opportunity is the only thing that is guaranteed to you if selected to be a part of this amazing event.

If you are committed to being a part of NC Sugar Rush, I welcome you to apply. If you are unsure or have questions, please don't apply as it may take up a space from another vendor.

We look forward to showcasing the great desserts that you have to offer.


NC Sugar Rush